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Ready Mixed Concrete Product Range

Aardvark Concrete are able to supply a range of mixes decribed below:

AardFoundations This concrete mix is for used in foundations of houses, garages, conservatories, etc.
AardFoundation extra Concrete for use in foundations ... when the mix requires more strength.
AardSlab This concrete mix is designed for internal floors and bases not exposed to the weather.
AardSlab extra A heavy duty concrete mix designed for heavy traffic areas and industrial use.
AardScreed A traditional sand and cement screed retarded for 8 hours, polypropylene fibres can can also be added to the screed.
AardPrint This concrete mix is designed for use in pattern imprinted driveways. AardPrint uses a 10mm aggregate and contains polypropylene fibres to resist cracking and air-entrainer to withstand the effects of freeze-thaw in winter.
CBM grade 1, 2 & 3 (Cementitious bonded Material) Used exclusively in the Utilities Sector.
Aardfoam A free flowing, self levelling product that complies with all of the HAUC specifications and is extensively used in the Utility market.
AardPump Specialist pump concrete mix using 10mm aggregate, plasticizer , increased cement and sand content for easy flowing.
Others We can supply many other specialist concrete mixes on request.
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