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Concrete Quantity Estimator

Please use this calculator to estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project. For a slab, enter the length and width of the slab and the average depth, and for a trench, enter the total length of the centreline of the trench, and the average width and depth.

  Length       Please select the appropriate units and then enter your measurements in those units. If desired, you may use different units for each dimension.
  Volume       The result is always given in
cubic metres.

Remember that a major advantage of ordering your ready-mix concrete from Aardvark is that as the concrete is mixed on site it is not necessary to calculate your exact requirement - we will mix the exact amount neeed - no more and no less!

Some facts

  • One cubic metre of concrete weighs about 2.4 tonnes
  • One cubic metre of concrete will fill about 16 standard wheelbarrows
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